2017 Appearances

I’ll add to this as I go along, but here’s what I know so far, as to what shows I’m attending this year. First up is Ottawa Comic Con…:

Ottawa Comic Con – May 12-14

Limestone Genre Expo – June 4

Prose in the Park – Ottawa – June 10

Author’s Market – Byward Market Ottawa – August 20

FanExpo Canada – Toronto – September 1-3

Author’s Market – Byward Market Ottawa – September 10

Can-Con – Ottawa – October 13-15


True Patriot 2: Pre-Order or Help Spread the Word

Want to read more Dominion Jack by Ron Salas and yours truly? With less than 9 days and more than 10% to go, a gentle reminder about the True Patriot 2 Kickstarter campaign I’m a part of – let’s get this funded by the end of the weekend:


Pre-order the book or help spread the word socially – either way, your support is appreciated!

Below…the cover to the book and a print that is part of some of the campaign rewards, both by Tom Fowler. Enjoy!




Summer appearances in support of True Patriot

With True Patriot finally shipping to our backers, I thought I’d fill everyone in on my upcoming appearances in support of the book launching:

August 10 – Comic Book Lounge & Gallery, Toronto
August 23-25 – FanExpo Canada, Toronto
September 22 – Word on the Street, Toronto
September 28 – 4 Colour 8 Bit Comics & Games, Kingston

Also working on organizing an event in Ottawa at the Comic Book Shoppe in September so stay tuned.


An online recap…or a Twog…

I don’t blog often enough. But I do keep up on Twitter – tweeting and retweeting and replying to tweets. Invited or not. So I thought of doing a Twog, a Twitter blog, and regularly posting a recap of some of the things I’ve said or done on Twitter in between (or in lieu of) real blog posts.

Is it cheating? Nah. 🙂

Here we go…

On meeting Manu Bennett at Ottawa ComicCon:

Day 2 highlight of @OttawaCC : Slade Wilson stopped by & picked up Growing Up Enchanted! Thanks @manubennett ! Enjoy, Huia! cc @Markosia

On hearing the news that the Legion of Superheroes book is being cancelled:

Ending the Legion & maybe replacing it with Justice Legion? Ok. But hopefully not just a future JL. That’s not the concept’s strength.

On feeling an earthquake:

You mean that little rumble I felt wasn’t a big truck driving by? #earthquake Time for some Jack White…

On promoting all-ages web portal Saturday Morning Webtoons:

New Princess at Midnight, Three Thieves, & my contribution, Growing Up Enchanted, at http://saturdaymorningwebtoons.com @satmornwebtoons

On the heady discussion of Smurfs and the like:

@jasonhohoho Who needed the Smurfs when we had Barbapapa? Gnap, gnap! Oh, wait… #crossoverbattleofthecentury

On Mumford & Sons and writing:

People online seem to either really love or really hate Mumford & Sons. But, if you’re a writer, how can you not love White Blank Page?

Is it a love story around a relationship or a writer’s muse? Either way, it’s an inspiring song to me…about fighting writer’s block.

On “word”-building:

@Inkybat It’s okay. As creators, we’re allowed to create worlds, even words. 🙂

On the hockey gods and karma:

@WiHillock @paultanasi Before you ask, if the Zibajenad goal, back when Sens life was good, was a goal, then so is this one! #karma

On enjoying Gillen & McKelvie’s Young Avengers:

@peterjrios It’s not action-packed like typical Marvel books, though. So I wonder if it’ll have a long run.

On the wonder that was Scott McCloud’s Zot:

@peterjrios Yeah, it does. It evolved from a fun action adventure story at the start to more relationship, character/theme-based stories.


Ottawa ComicCon & Dominion Jack preview

I’ll be at Ottawa ComicCon this weekend. Find me at table A538-B. I’ll have Growing Up Enchanted trades and other books of mine for sale. As well, ask me about the upcoming True Patriot Canadian superhero anthology and you’ll be able to sneak a peak at my Dominion Jack story (with Ron Salas) and some of the other stories in the book. It’ll be on my iPhone but hey, I did say a peak.

Also, if you’d like to check out a preview of the book, Comic Book Therapy posted a three story preview of the anthology on Free Comic Book Day. You can check it out here. The stories? Scott Chantler’s Red Ensign, Jay Stephens’ Arrowhead, and…a certain Dominion Jack by yours truly and Ron Salas!



True Patriot Canadian Superhero Love…



Well, we’re at the halfway point of the IndieGogo campaign and we’re about a third of the way to our goal. Lots more work to do but first, I’d like to thank everyone who has contributed so far, either in backing this labor of true patriot love of ours or helped in spreading the word.

Pre-order a hardcover. Order one along with a nifty sketch. Promote the campaign amongst your friends, family, or friendly neighbourhood comic shop or book store. Every little bit helps.

Last time, I talked about Dominion Jack and the story Ron Salas and I have cooked up. This time, I thought I’d draw your attention to some of the other great Canadian creators working on this project.

J Bone – in between his DC, Vertigo, and Image work, J brings us a Golden Owl adventure against…Sasquatch! Or is it a yeti? Sounds like we’ll be seeing a bunch of (frozen?) tundra in this one!

Scott Chantler – of Two Generals, Northwest Passage fame; he jumps into his first superhero tale and brings us Red Ensign…a World War II superhero adventure that I can’t wait to see! Mainly because I love the Invaders & the JSA probably as much as he does, so I’m looking forward to his Canadian spin as I figure out how I can get Dominion Jack to team-up with Red Ensign in a future adventure! 🙂

There’s so much more – Faith Erin Hicks, bringing us a new adventure of Superhero Girl and her unique brand of sublime comedy; or Boo Bear & Flo partner Agnes Garbowska bringing her distinct charm to Canadian superhero adventure; or how about J Torres bringing back Family Dynamic with Tim Levins and, with fellow Ottawan Tom Fowler, framing the whole anthology with sequences around their latest creations…Val & Hal.

And I didn’t even go into detail around our other contributors rounding out the book with even more Canuck diversity. Ramon Perez (A Tale of Sand). Andy B. (Kill Shakespeare) with Raven-Girl. Jay Stephens (Secret Saturdays) with Arrowhead. Howard Wong (After the Cape) & Adrian Alphona (Runaways) with a take on the Canadian legend of Ogopogo. ‘Nuff said, no?

How’s that for diversity? How’s that for Canadian…Canadian comic book adventures? True Patriot. Help make it happen.


Who is DJ? Dominion Jack! – Part of the True Patriot IndieGogo campaign; Help make this happen…



Dominion Jack – isn’t that an amazing design by Ron Salas? Both Ron and I are excited about introducing you to the adventures of Dominion Jack in the IndieGogo campaign just launched today for the anthology True Patriot – Canadian Comic Book Adventures! Support us any way you can (some great perks from digital or print pre-orders to cameo appearances to sketch plates to portfolio reviews), including to help spread the word for the next month or so.

Want to know more about Dominion Jack? Here’s my story pitch:

Veteran Canadian superhero Dominion Jack patiently tries to teach his brash daughter the superhero game along with his lofty heroic ideals  . When Kid Control sabotages the Stanley Cup Final, can she show her father she has what it takes to live up to his legacy?


Keep checking the campaign site for updates, such as sneak peeks at the designs and pages in progress for all the stories being created for the anthology. Some great Canadian pro talent involved!

Adrian Alpona (Runaways), Andy B. (Kill Shakespeare), J. Bone (Super Friends), Jack Briglio (Scooby Doo), Scott Chantler (Two Generals), Tom Fowler (Hulk: Season One), Agnes Garbowska (Girl Comics), Faith Erin Hicks (Adventure Time), Tim Levins (Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes), Ramon Perez (A Tale of Sand), Ron Salas (28 Days Later), Jay Stephens (Secret Saturdays), J. Torres (Teen Titans Go), & Howard Wong (After the Cape).