It’s Saturday Morning…WebToons! Toon in to…


Saturday Morning WebToons is live! So toon in to this webcomics portal every Saturday for some great fun for everyone! The link again is 


My weekly contribution is Boo Bear & Flo and their adventure in the Dust-Shaped World. It’s wonderfully illustrated & water-coloured by the talented Agnes Garbowska. Please follow along & enjoy!

Here’s the official lineup card from the site:


Boo Bear and Flo (Weekly)
By Jack Briglio (IDW’s Digger & Friends; DC’s Scooby Doo) and Agnes Garbowska (Marvel’s Girl Comics; You, Me and Zombie)

Gobukan (Weekly)
By J. Bone (Batman: The Brave and the BoldOwl Magazine)

The Little Tales of Otto & Olive (Biweekly)
By Stephanie Buscema (Rocketeer Adventures; Pugs in a Bug)

Orchard of Laughs (Weekly)
By Eric Orchard (Maddy Kettle; Yo Gabba Gabba: Comic Book Time)

Princess at Midnight (Weekly)
By Andi Watson (Glister; Skeleton Key)

Plus, every month we’ll have a special PDF comic you can download for FREE! Our inaugural offering is:

Lopopo’s Lost Sock by Alex Serra (Handy Manny; Teen Titans Go).


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