Evolution of a page – Boo Bear & Flo


Agnes Garbowska, my multi-talented partner in crime behind the adventures of Boo Bear & Flo, has posted a process piece on her blog around how episode 4 of the story came together. So, if you’re fascinated about how comics are put together from idea to script to completed page, it’s a great behind the scenes look at the process.

Not only does she break down and show how she illustrates the page, she also explains the collaboration between the two of us in getting the idea to story and script so that it’s ready for her visual treatment. True collaborations make for a better comic story, I think. Better than the singular story vision to script, then handoff to the artist to make the best of it. Write a novel if that’s what you want. This is comics storytelling.

Anyway, interesting stuff so take a look.

Also, remember to following the continuing adventures of Boo Bear & Flo, part of Saturday Morning WebToons, every…you guessed it…Saturday morning.

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