True Patriot Canadian Superhero Love…



Well, we’re at the halfway point of the IndieGogo campaign and we’re about a third of the way to our goal. Lots more work to do but first, I’d like to thank everyone who has contributed so far, either in backing this labor of true patriot love of ours or helped in spreading the word.

Pre-order a hardcover. Order one along with a nifty sketch. Promote the campaign amongst your friends, family, or friendly neighbourhood comic shop or book store. Every little bit helps.

Last time, I talked about Dominion Jack and the story Ron Salas and I have cooked up. This time, I thought I’d draw your attention to some of the other great Canadian creators working on this project.

J Bone – in between his DC, Vertigo, and Image work, J brings us a Golden Owl adventure against…Sasquatch! Or is it a yeti? Sounds like we’ll be seeing a bunch of (frozen?) tundra in this one!

Scott Chantler – of Two Generals, Northwest Passage fame; he jumps into his first superhero tale and brings us Red Ensign…a World War II superhero adventure that I can’t wait to see! Mainly because I love the Invaders & the JSA probably as much as he does, so I’m looking forward to his Canadian spin as I figure out how I can get Dominion Jack to team-up with Red Ensign in a future adventure! 🙂

There’s so much more – Faith Erin Hicks, bringing us a new adventure of Superhero Girl and her unique brand of sublime comedy; or Boo Bear & Flo partner Agnes Garbowska bringing her distinct charm to Canadian superhero adventure; or how about J Torres bringing back Family Dynamic with Tim Levins and, with fellow Ottawan Tom Fowler, framing the whole anthology with sequences around their latest creations…Val & Hal.

And I didn’t even go into detail around our other contributors rounding out the book with even more Canuck diversity. Ramon Perez (A Tale of Sand). Andy B. (Kill Shakespeare) with Raven-Girl. Jay Stephens (Secret Saturdays) with Arrowhead. Howard Wong (After the Cape) & Adrian Alphona (Runaways) with a take on the Canadian legend of Ogopogo. ‘Nuff said, no?

How’s that for diversity? How’s that for Canadian…Canadian comic book adventures? True Patriot. Help make it happen.

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