An online recap…or a Twog…

I don’t blog often enough. But I do keep up on Twitter – tweeting and retweeting and replying to tweets. Invited or not. So I thought of doing a Twog, a Twitter blog, and regularly posting a recap of some of the things I’ve said or done on Twitter in between (or in lieu of) real blog posts.

Is it cheating? Nah. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here we go…

On meeting Manu Bennett at Ottawa ComicCon:

Day 2 highlight of @OttawaCC : Slade Wilson stopped by & picked up Growing Up Enchanted! Thanks @manubennett ! Enjoy, Huia! cc @Markosia

On hearing the news that the Legion of Superheroes book is being cancelled:

Ending the Legion & maybe replacing it with Justice Legion? Ok. But hopefully not just a future JL. That’s not the concept’s strength.

On feeling an earthquake:

You mean that little rumble I felt wasn’t a big truck driving by? #earthquake Time for some Jack White…

On promoting all-ages web portal Saturday Morning Webtoons:

New Princess at Midnight, Three Thieves, & my contribution, Growing Up Enchanted, at @satmornwebtoons

On the heady discussion of Smurfs and the like:

@jasonhohoho Who needed the Smurfs when we had Barbapapa? Gnap, gnap! Oh, wait… #crossoverbattleofthecentury

On Mumford & Sons and writing:

People online seem to either really love or really hate Mumford & Sons. But, if you’re a writer, how can you not love White Blank Page?

Is it a love story around a relationship or a writer’s muse? Either way, it’s an inspiring song to me…about fighting writer’s block.

On “word”-building:

@Inkybat It’s okay. As creators, we’re allowed to create worlds, even words. ๐Ÿ™‚

On the hockey gods and karma:

@WiHillock @paultanasi Before you ask, if the Zibajenad goal, back when Sens life was good, was a goal, then so is this one! #karma

On enjoying Gillen & McKelvie’s Young Avengers:

@peterjrios It’s not action-packed like typical Marvel books, though. So I wonder if it’ll have a long run.

On the wonder that was Scott McCloud’s Zot:

@peterjrios Yeah, it does. It evolved from a fun action adventure story at the start to more relationship, character/theme-based stories.


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