Piece Keeper – Proposal Samples – Page 4

Peacekeeper - art-4finalBy Jack Briglio & Marco Magallanes; colours by Jason Millet.

Last of the sample pages. This was all that was drawn of the 64-72 pages outlined. And I scripted 8 pages. Maybe I’ll get back to it one day should it garner interest from a publisher, but for now, wanted to show the great work that was done on the samples.


Piece Keeper – Proposal Samples – Page 1

PeaceKeeper - art-1

By Jack Briglio & Marco Magallanes. Colours by Jason Millet.

I thought I’d start showing some sample pages of pitch proposals I’ve done over the years. This one is the first of 4 pages I did with Marco for Peace Keeper or Piece Keeper. We had both as the title! Never found a home for it but I thought Marco did some awesome work here. Enjoy!