Attending #FanExpo Canada – Table P70 and a Sunday panel

End of August. End of summer. That means not only back to school, but…FanExpo Canada in Toronto!

I’ll be attending again this year and you can find me at table P70 around fellow creators in crime Scott Chantler, J Torres, Faith Erin Hicks, and Stefan Grambart. It should be a good time had by all so please, come by and visit if you plan on checking out this huge 4-day event. Starts Thursday and goes to Sunday.

I’ll also be part of my first panel at the show – “Creating Comics for Younger Readers“. I’ll be there with Scott, J, and Faith. as well as Willow Dawson. That’s happening Sunday at noon in room 717 so I hope you’ll be able to check that out as we chat about the creative process. Looking forward to it…should be fun!


Summer 2012 Con Appearances – First up…Kids Read Comics!

A couple of summer convention appearances to share…

First up is next week’s Kids Read Comics Festival in Ann Arbor, Michigan. My first time there and I’ll be at table 35 next to pals J Torres & Scott Chantler. A couple of fellow creators that I haven’t seen in a while will be there also, so I’m looking forward to catching up with them: one, fellow writer & stand-up guy Paul Storrie; and, two, KRC organizer Dan Mishkin, who I first met several years ago at Mid-Ohio con. I’ve heard lots of good things about this all-ages festival, so I’m looking forward to attending. My family will be attending (a first for them at any con) as well so I’m doubly excited about this upcoming experience!

Later in August, nearing the end of summer (no! Summer isn’t done – not yet!), I’ll be back at Toronto’s FanExpo. I’ll talk about it a bit more as it gets closer…as I don’t want to wish away the summer!


Spring 2012 Convention Appearances – TCAF & Ottawa Comic Con

Suddenly, it’s con season for me! I’m heading to Toronto this weekend for the Toronto Comics Art Festival and you’ll be able to find me at table 256 on the second floor of the Toronto Reference Library.

The following weekend, May 12-13, I won’t have to go far as my hometown will be holding its first comic convention in a long time. Anyone remember MapleCon? Anyway, Ottawa Comic Con will be held at the new CE Centre and I’ll be at table 908-B.

Come on by and say hello! Saturday Morning WebToons, Growing Up Enchanted, and other goodies await your arrival…


Alphabetic Al – Free Download of the month on Saturday Morning WebToons…


In addition to weekly strip Boo Bear & Flo, I’ve also contributed a new story to Saturday Morning WebToons, this time a free download with illustrator Stefan Grambart. It features superhero Alphabetic Al and his super-word battle against injustice, math, and his fellow classmate and nemesis Neena Numbers! We had a lot of fun putting this story together so go on over and check out Alphabetic Al here. And let me know what you think – we’d love for some feedback!


New Boo Bear & Flo and Growing Up Enchanted available in iBooks…

Time for another new episode of Boo Bear & Flo today on saturdaymorningwebtoons.com – beware the Frankie Stein Toy Brigade, Flo! Hope you’re enjoying Flo’s adventures as Agnes and I approach the mid-point of the story.

Also wanted to mention that there’s a new digital avenue to pick up both volumes of Growing Up Enchanted – iBooks is now carrying them and both could be had for under 5 dollars each. If you have an iOS device, please check it out. Looks something like this:


Seems Apple does the same thing Amazon does in their initial search listings and credits only one creator and not both the writer and artist. Sorry, Alex! (And I’m wrongfully credited as the artist too…)


Evolution of a page – Boo Bear & Flo


Agnes Garbowska, my multi-talented partner in crime behind the adventures of Boo Bear & Flo, has posted a process piece on her blog around how episode 4 of the story came together. So, if you’re fascinated about how comics are put together from idea to script to completed page, it’s a great behind the scenes look at the process.

Not only does she break down and show how she illustrates the page, she also explains the collaboration between the two of us in getting the idea to story and script so that it’s ready for her visual treatment. True collaborations make for a better comic story, I think. Better than the singular story vision to script, then handoff to the artist to make the best of it. Write a novel if that’s what you want. This is comics storytelling.

Anyway, interesting stuff so take a look.

Also, remember to following the continuing adventures of Boo Bear & Flo, part of Saturday Morning WebToons, every…you guessed it…Saturday morning.


Sunday Morning WebToons! Week 5: New Download, Boo Bear & Flo, and More…


It’s Saturday Morning WebToons…on Sunday morning! Yeah, it was up yesterday but I used to watch cartoons on Sunday morning too. So why not our webtoons, right? 🙂

Anyway, check it out. There’s more Boo Bear & Flo from Agnes and I, along with new episodes from our other regular contributors. We also have a new free download for February – a tasty little tale called Red Velvet’s Cupcakes, by J Torres & Paz Huichaman. It’s a fun read…and it’ll leave you hungry for dessert! Or breakfast actually, since I have no problem eating cupcakes for breakfast! 🙂



It’s Saturday Morning…WebToons! Toon in to…saturdaymorningwebtoons.com


Saturday Morning WebToons is live! So toon in to this webcomics portal every Saturday for some great fun for everyone! The link again is http://saturdaymorningwebtoons.com 


My weekly contribution is Boo Bear & Flo and their adventure in the Dust-Shaped World. It’s wonderfully illustrated & water-coloured by the talented Agnes Garbowska. Please follow along & enjoy!

Here’s the official lineup card from the site:


Boo Bear and Flo (Weekly)
By Jack Briglio (IDW’s Digger & Friends; DC’s Scooby Doo) and Agnes Garbowska (Marvel’s Girl Comics; You, Me and Zombie)

Gobukan (Weekly)
By J. Bone (Batman: The Brave and the BoldOwl Magazine)

The Little Tales of Otto & Olive (Biweekly)
By Stephanie Buscema (Rocketeer Adventures; Pugs in a Bug)

Orchard of Laughs (Weekly)
By Eric Orchard (Maddy Kettle; Yo Gabba Gabba: Comic Book Time)

Princess at Midnight (Weekly)
By Andi Watson (Glister; Skeleton Key)

Plus, every month we’ll have a special PDF comic you can download for FREE! Our inaugural offering is:

Lopopo’s Lost Sock by Alex Serra (Handy Manny; Teen Titans Go).