Happy Holidays one & all, to you & yours…and theirs too!

Can you believe it’s the end of December already? Christmas is around the corner…and so is 2012. Wow, time…you are fast.

Just wanted to quickly wish everyone a happy holiday season and hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Comics for Christmas has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Hope you get some! Hope you give some too!

All the best!


New Growing Up Enchanted & Classic Digger out this week @comixology $0.99 each!

Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up that the first chapter of Growing Up Enchanted Volume 2 is out this week digitally on Comixology. Or issue 5 for those keeping track of the fantasy adventure series.

Wait, there’s more. The NASCAR all-ages adventure mini-series I did last year for IDW, Digger & Friends, is also now available on Comixology. All 4 issues out at once.

And…they’re at a fantastic price point…only 99 cents each issue! The Growing Up Enchanted issue clocks in at more than the typical 20-25 page issue. It’s closer to 40 pages so please, give it a try! 5 issues released all in one week. I don’t think I’ll ever beat that record again…



Teen Lantern & the Legion…revisited!


Over at his blog, Alex Serra has posted a new Teen Lantern and Legion drawing. If anyone remembers, Alex and J Torres worked on the Legion of SuperHeroes in the 31st Century book that DC published under their kids line a few years back and Teen Lantern was a character they introduced in issue 6 of the series. Nice to see him do the characters in his style, rather than the animation style of the series.


My comics & digital download apps like @Comixology…

It’s nice to go to digital store apps like Comixology each week and see the list of “same day as print” releases grow and grow. I’ve visited their site and had the app since their beginnings so it’s really nice to see their growth as it hopefully increases readership and brings more people into comic & book stores to get even more material to feed the new reader’s rabid habits.

Some of my work has been available through Comixology since the beginning.  Book 1 of Growing Up Enchanted, split out over 4 issues, is available on Comixology (web or app) and their Comics4Kids app. Book 2 should be there soon as well…and I think that will be split over 3 issues.

The work I did for IDW, The Adventures of Digger & Friends, is also available digitally. IDW just joined the Comixology fold so Digger should be available soon there. However, it’s currently available through the IDW app as well.

My next book, And Along Comes…Trouble, with artist Miguel Jorge, will also be published by Markosia through Comixology…so more to come!

I’m hoping one day that my DC work on Legion or Scooby-Doo eventually gets the digital treatment. I’m hoping for the collected print treatment as well, but not counting on it!

Anyway, check out my blog’s top navigation menu for the various ways you can get my books, either digitally or through print. I appreciate the support!


Pre-NYCC: And Along Comes…a teaser?


I’m not going to New York Comic Con this year. Yup, first one I’ve missed since they’ve started. So, in lieu of me having a good time in New York, let’s make this my con announcement of work to come from me…and another talented artist, Miguel Jorge.

The book is called And Along Comes…Trouble and the action-adventure will be released digitally on Comixology by AAM Markosia, who happens to also be my publisher for Growing Up Enchanted. Miguel and I wanted to show a few of the pages done from the first chapter so far so I picked a few to post here. This story is a bit of a departure for me as it’s a teens-and-up book and I really can’t wait to show what wonderful work Miguel has done in creating this world. I don’t want to divulge too much of the story yet, but, in Hollywood terms, think Crime Story Indiana Jones-style…or, in literary terms, a post-modern take on the adventures of Tintin

Enticing enough? I’ll keep you posted of our progress. Hope you enjoy this sneak peak!


Have you heard about Growing Up Enchanted…the iPhone game?

Good and bad news from Apple this week. The announcement of the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 was the good news (though maybe bad news for those waiting for the iPhone 5); the bad news, a day later, was the sudden passing of their visionary CEO, Steve Jobs. His contributions to emerging technologies with a keen understanding of high usability standards and to the forming of Disney-Pixar can’t be understated. He will be missed.

One thing I haven’t really talked about or promoted yet on my blog since I started is that Growing Up Enchanted does indeed have an iPhone game. It came out on the App Store just in time for Christmas last year. So, for any gamers out there young and old looking for a Super Mario style gaming adventure, give our game a shot. It’s a ton of fun with many levels where you can play as Oli through the land of Anywhere and in some levels, you can play as her little bro Anto or fly around with Sebastian as either your guide…or as a really cool cab weaving through air traffic! For only $1.99!

Take a look-see over at iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/growing-up-enchanted/id406217036?mt=8 

Alex and I wrote and drew the story snapshots in between each of the levels so think of it as a new story to read of the gang.


Out today in comic shops…Growing Up Enchanted Book 2! Spread the word!


I said September…and here we are last week in September with Book 2 officially released today! I’m excited that the second volume of Growing Up Enchanted is out on the stands now and interested to hear any comments on the story. Hope everyone enjoys it, of course!

Read Chapter 1…

Written & drawn by Jack Briglio and Alexander Serra; Letters by Justin Stewart.

Growing Up Enchanted © 2011 Jack Briglio / Alexander Serra (Alex Szewczuk) / Markosia